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DIED SUDDENLY: “This time, The Genocide Will Be Televised,” Stew Peters Promises

Healthy adults are dropping dead all across the globe. In the last 18 months, the term “Died Suddenly” has risen to the very top of “most searched” Google terms.

On November 21st, at 5:00 Eastern Standard Time, in what promises to be the documentary of a generation, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer at Stew will deliver Died Suddenly.

There are FIVE BILLION human beings walking around as ticking time bombs. Just

waiting to die suddenly. ―This time, the genocide will be televised.‖ …Stew Peters

Healthy adults are dropping dead all across the globe. In the last 18 months, the term

―Died Suddenly‖ has risen to the very top of ―most searched‖ Google terms. On

November 21st, at 5:00 Eastern Standard Time, in what promises to be the

documentary of a generation, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer at Stew will deliver ―Died Suddenly.‖

Common sense, hard working Americans — anxious to have an honest conversation

about what we’re seeing play out in the real world — have been suppressed and silenced.

―Died Suddenly‖ promises to end that suppression forced on us by the powers that be.

The EPIC blood cost paid will come to be known as a Covid-Caused Holocaust.

Whether it‘s the actuaries, insurance companies, embalmers, OB-GYNs, veteran

doctors and pathologists, or military flight surgeons, Americans who have witnessed

this destruction will stand for it no longer.

After Died Suddenly, America will no longer ignore the alarming rates of people

dying suddenly. Pro athletes in the prime of their careers, have been dropping dead in

record numbers. Formerly rates of athletes collapsing or dying during their contests

hovered around 5-10 per year. Last fiscal year the number of athletes collapsing or dying

suddenly approached 1000.

Pilots and doctors in peak condition are stroking out. Over eighty Canadian doctors in

the prime of their health have dropped dead. These are unbelievable numbers of young

people in the prime of life. Healthy eighteen-year-olds. Vibrant, young adults in their


These fibrous white-colored blood clots are being taken out of the victims. The clots

are the texture of calamari that embalmers have never seen before — until last year.

Consistently — over and over again — they’re seeing them. And the common

denominator? The injection.

The press wants to suppress this, the story of the century, because they’re owned by

big pharmaceutical companies. Every show that anchors Mainstream Media’s

Programming is brought to you by Pfizer or Moderna or some other head of the hydra.

Every single doctor in the United States has had his or her licensure threatened,

whether implicitly or directly.

Virtually every politician being threatened by Epstein-style influence operations —

and yes, that influence goes straight to the Oval Office by way of former Chief of Staff

Mark Meadows.

We here at the Stew Peters Network are NOT bought and paid for. We are all about

humanity, all about saving lives. We WILL break through the censors. We WILL wake

up humanity and end this deadly operation.

One day historians will call this the genocide that wasn‘t televised. Well, now the

post-Covid holocaust will be aired out for the world to see. This time, the Covid

Genocide will be televised. And it MUST stop now.

Because now they‘re targeting our kids by adding dangerous, often deadly injection to

childhood vaccine schedule for a ―disease‖ that almost never impacted children.

Approximately ZERO children were seriously affected by covid-19. But they certainly

started dropping like flies with the clot shot. A congressman’s daughter died. Earnest

Ramirez’s best friend and son is gone forever.

 Every one of us knows someone or knows about someone who has died suddenly. And

the stories keep coming.

 With the drastic rise in the infertility rate we’re seeing we may well have lost an entire


 This is the extinction-level population reduction event the Georgia Guidestones

warned us about. They told us they wanted to depopulate the planet, that they want to

decrease the number to around 500 million humans. That is a population reduction of

approximately 7.5 BILLION human beings — or about eighty-five percent of the human

beings on planet earth. The global elites engineering this reduction are all heavily

invested in making that population reduction a reality.

 And the killer press is complicit. Don’t let their propaganda fool you. We most

assuredly are NOT in this together. Right along with those who manufactured, mandated,

invented this murderous technology that delivered all these hundreds of thousands of

deaths, the press are complicit in the holocaust, as well.

 When we here at the Stew Peters Network are done, it will be blatantly obvious to

every American that it is time for a Nuremburg style criminal tribunal to INDICT,

to TRY and to FRY those who are complicit with pushing the genocide by inoculation

right alongside the network of Deep State sycophants who perpetrated this mass die off.

 Many members of the press and their clapping seal politician pals — desperate to get

air and seem compassionate — are just as culpable in delivering the killer shot as those

who designed and mandated the mainlining of this poison.

 Until I take my last breath, I will fiercely push to expose every last one of those devils

responsible until justice is served. Died Suddenly represents the return volley. On

Monday, November 21 at 5pm EDT, please join millions of your fellow Americans in

watching Died Suddenly.


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