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Bill Gates wanted to remove the god gene from human beings


Bill gates 2005 presentation to the CIA on removing the god gene from human beings. apart from the Graphene Oxide and luciferase in the experimental kill shot you can imagine what the mRNA does to the soul. They have been planing this for years, this is most likely why these demons are pushing this jab so hard.

Bill Gates CIA presentation 2005

This is a deeply disturbing video from 2005 showing Bill Gates making a presentation to the CIA. FunVax is the name of the project which purports to be able to "vaccinate against religious fundamentalism". Here, Gates is outlining research that suggests releasing a RESPIRATORY VIRUS will block the expression of a gene in the human population that is responsible for religious fundamentalism. As unscientific as that sounds, can you imagine the implications of this research? Not to mention the oversized ego of a man who honestly believes he has the power and moral authority to carry out manipulation of human gene via methods of biological warfare! Does this not make you pause and wonder just how many types of attacks on humans has this man been responsible for?

Link 2 channel @DigitalSoldiers1


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