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Fake Biden in fake White House issued probably fake executive orders.


There are two Biden. Real Biden was already arrested. He is fake. Check his right ear from his head photos in different magazines.

This is the reason why Trump didn't mention "Biden" in his speeches because this is not "Biden administration".

They issued terrorist attacks in the US to force Trump to stop. Trump doesn't want Americans to be hurt.

Biden is a fake president not recognized by the military! The Presidential Salute is 4 guns and 21 shots in rapid succession. Biden got 3 guns and a 10 second pause between firings. This is the Salute reserved for funerals and VISITING FOREIGN DIGNITARIES. Presidents get 4 cannons at 3 second intervals. The military DOES NOT SALUTE A POTUS with 3 guns. They do not make mistakes. This isn't a Presidential Salute. The shot heard round the world...

Fake Biden in fake White House issued fake executive orders. It is not over yet. Just be calm and wait.


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