YouTube, Google Make Huge Decision To Stop Monetization Of Climate Change Deniers


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Another good example of how the big Tech companies restrict public opinions on critical global events. These big giant companies collude together to create a COVID hoax, rig the 2020 election, conceal all evil crimes like pedophilia,child abuse, adrenochrome and so much more. Now they want to create another climate change hoax.

The fake Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen deliberately says uncensored social media destabilizes democracy to harm the public. This is totally non-sense. Facebook has been censoring the information by a special algorithm. Facebook's real intention is to prohibit the patriots to expose the evil crimes of the elites and dark societies. They want to protect those evil people behind the scene.

Censorship is essential to protect the public. Unfortunately, the big tech giant has lobbied the legislation and congressmen to develop laws and orders to favor their evil control. They want more censorship power to control public opinion.

It is extremely dangerous for the world if the mainstream mass media and social media are fully controlled by evil capitalists. What they do certainly not for the peoples, but for their benefit.