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You now will witness the Fall of the EU.

Across Europe, the far and populist right made notable gains in the European Parliament elections raising questions over what the political future of the continent looked like.

French President Emmanuel Macron has dissolved the national parliament following his party’s thrashing by Marine Le Pen’s National Rally in the European Elections on Sunday. The nation will now face domestic elections, with opinion polling showing the right-wing party in the lead. The next presidential elections are scheduled for 2027.

You now will witness the Fall of the EU.

Which also means Eth > The Pipelines, Those Oil & Gas Giants connected to Royals. FTX Scandal [Mossad] and it's EU Connections.

Poseidon time.

Follow Marine Le Pen > Lincoln.

European's are nationalist's and that's the way the world is going as i always said in GESARA. Their will be big incentives to return to homelands. I think Elon wrote something on twitter one time after me about incentives.

With Acts and Treaties being wiped from 1871, The United Nations being dissolved, with wars came migration. All wiped, no longer war torn. Big money released to build/rebuild to become 1st world nations. = everyone is happy. UNITY is Key.

By breaking up the E.U, NATO collapses.

Turkey leaving NATO and going to BRICS.

France leaving NATO. Will side with Spain against England [Gibraltar] Bidan declares war on England. Right in time.

Spain is the new Kingdom of Europe.

Eyes on Saudi now too.

SA > NK > Armenia > Iran > Israel/Switzerland.

Elections > Think WAVES


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