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The Sequel to The Fall of The Cabal - Part 9 - Part 12 | By Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter

Part 9: Further Exposure of Bill Gates, His Obsession with Genetically Modifying Everything He Can Lay His Hands On, And His Secret Ties to The US Army. Also Exposing the Corruption of Tedros Adhanam Ghebreyesus, Current Director-General of the WHO.

Part 10: Further exposure of Bill Gates, buying shares in companies active in the area of control, manipulation, censorship, human trafficking, and Adrenochrome. About Gates’ multiple visits to Epstein island and his foolish denial, his investments in Monsanto, and his vaccination fetish...

Part 11: Further Exposure of Bill Gates, Being Involved in Some of The Most Polluting Companies in The World. Exposing His Money Fraud and Redefining Philanthropy...

Part 12: The Ultimate Weapon of Bill Gates: Gene Drive Technology / Synthetic Biology. A Curse or A Blessing?


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