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The psychological basis for crimes against humanity by average people

From: Zelenko Protocol

-1951. Asch experiment on conformity

-1963. Milgrim experiment on obedience

-1972. Stanford prison guard experiment


Support and evidence of population control agenda

-2001. Operation Dark Winter

-2010. Rockefeller’s “Lockstep Scenario”. From the their official website.

-2015. Gates Reduce population video

Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World (Added by me)

Bill Gates Agenda 21 Exposed!!!! He Speaks The Truth!!(Added by me)

-2016. Klaus Schawb within 10 years chip everyone

-2017. Fauci predicts pandemic

-2019. Event 201 drill for the pandemic

-2019. John Hopkins emergency preparedness for upcoming pandemic

-2020. Gates states 7 billion people will need the vaccine

-ID 2020. note who is funding this

-2030. World Economic Forum vision for you


Population control advocates

1920. Margaret Sanger inspires Hitler and forms planned parenthood

1970. Prince Philip

1977. Dr John Holdren

-2000. Dr Eric Pianka

-2013. Ted Turner

-2017. Black Genocide in 21st Century

-2020. Eugenic sterilization laws in the United States


Prehospital treatment Covid-19

-2003. Lancet paper on how chloroquine works

-2005. Virology proving that chloroquine/ Hcq works against SARS

-2020. Peer reviewed paper demonstrating reduction in hospitalization and death by 84% from covid-19 with the zelenko protocol

2020. Thorough review of covid-19 treatment


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