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Shadow Government: Databanks Expose Global Evil and Corruption Says French Billionaire


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RumblePhilippe Argillier says he has four databanks that will expose 38 individuals that run the "shadow government", responsible for the CREATION OF COVID-19, which took place YEARS AGO!

I do believe in his possession of databanks because no one can isolate himself into a private databank in such a complex technology world nowadays. Even you can keep a private email server for your own but your recipients' emails are all over the place. How about your financial transactions, contracts, and legal documents, etc. All digit document repositories must have been replicated and stored in many ways.

However, he may not knows all the truths. I believe that white hats and the military have already possessed sufficient pieces of evidence to arrest the Cabals. McAfee could have exposed massive information to Trump's administration for prosecutions. Some sources reported that most of the Cabals leaders such as 13 families, Queen Elizabeth, the Pope, and Bill Gates were already convicted in the military tribunal. The ones we see on TV are just clones.

If I haven't mistaken what he said, he claimed that 38 chief Cabals leaders were in the meeting. This is suspicious. Well, the Bill Gates whom he witnessed was just a clone. Was he cheated by the fake global leaders to mislead him to sell the databanks? Or is he a message to confuse us?

Trump and the white hats have already won. The current fake Biden actor is also controlled by the Trump administration to show the world the truths. The Cabals are already destroyed. Nothing can stop the white hats.

Despite the fact that he doesn't know all the truths, his possession of few databanks is critical to influencing all the Cabal's members. Since there are a billion followers within the Satanic Cult, this is a good tactic to transform them if Philippe's intention is genuine.

White hats should endorse Philippe to ensure that he is authorized by them.

The shadow government is extremely complex and powerful that all the problems cannot be resolved in a short period of time. Be patient!

Your soul is worth more than 20 billion euros. God bless the heroes...

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