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Russia tells the US “we have found your biological weapons”

"Their attempts, while spilling blood, to find biological and chemical weapons throughout the world. We have found your own products. We have found your biological material. As it turns out it was all happening in Ukraine."

Evidently last week the Russian Army discovered a significant Bio-weapons Lab

beneath Chernobyl (one of thirty Bio-Weapon Labs discovered in the Ukraine funded by

the Deep State Obama/ Biden/ Fauci/ CIA. The labs developed viruses to be unleashed on

the general public for the Deep State Depopulation Agenda).

Ukraine has "biological research facilities," says Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, when asked by Sen Rubio if Ukraine has biological or chemical weapons, and says she's worried Russia may get them. But she says she's 100% sure if there's a biological attack, it's Russia.

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