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Immoral/ Tainted Food


When all the Hong Kong people complaining about the Chinese tainted food such as fake eggs, contaminated milk, and oil, etc, and making such a big deal. There is even a Chinese tainted food list in Wikipedia to defame the food quality in China.

Well, do you know what you have been eating and consuming your whole life from the global-dominated food producers? Can you find a blacklist on the internet? What kind of medicine are you taking every day? No worry, trust the FDA!!

消委會|抽查60款餅乾全含污染或基因致癌物 八成半高糖高脂高鈉

Do you know why Bill Gates promotes veggie food?

Do your own research!!

Rockefeller's Double Game in GMO Foods and Eugenics

Magnetic Kelloggs

Exposing the fraud that is Impossible Foods


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