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Great Harlot Peng Liyuan and the Chinese Satanic Cabal manipulate the public opinion against Xi


Great Harlot Peng Liyuan colludes with the Satanic Cabal which controls the mass media and big Tech worldwide including CCTV, 90+ Alibaba media outlets, Twitter, Youtube, and western mainstream media & Hollywood. They used dirty propaganda to demonize Xi Jinping for a long period of time.

The Narcissistic Peng Liyuan exposed all confidential information about Xi Jinping to everyone including the Satanic Cabal so as to win the battle. Therefore, the western media could write a 40,000 words long articles to defame Xi Jinping and an unknown author could publish books to make up Xi's lifetime love stories with many women.

Peng Liyuan and the Chinese Satanic Cabal have been using numerous media channels to create anti-Xi public opinions so as to threaten and manipulate Xi. And now, they can't allow my sole channel to expose the truth of their true faces. They keep threatening my life. This is called 《DICTATORSHIP》!

大淫婦彭麗媛長期勾結撒旦集團,他們操控著全球的主要傳媒和高科技公司, 包括中央電視臺, 阿里巴巴屬下的90多個傳媒機構,推特,油管,西方媒體和荷里活。他們長期製造輿論妖魔化習近平。

還有嚴重自戀狂的彭麗媛為了戰勝習近平, 她向撒旦集團披露大量習近平的機密。所以西方傳媒可以寫出四萬字污衊習近平的文章。一個無名小卒的作者可以寫出習近平與女人們的虛構故事。

彭麗媛和中國撒旦集團一直利用大量傳媒組織製造反習輿論來恐嚇和操控他。現在, 他們不能容許我的唯一頻道在發聲揭露他們的真面目。他們不斷散播死亡恐嚇信息。這就是《專政獨裁》!


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