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Cloning, body doubles, what are they, why they exist and how they are made.


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Human cloning is totally against nature and extremely dangerous to the world, it has to be forbidden. Arguments in favour of human cloning is helping infertile couples and develop better genetic offspring. What is the root cause of infertility and numerous medical problems? It is because some evil peoples producing toxic food to feed the world population. We have to fix the root cause of the problem not resolve the outcome of the sins.

Besides, the ones who believe of having a better genetic offspring are totally eugenicists. They believe they are better than others and deserve and own the most in the world. Normally they are the richest peoples who never pay tax and loot the wealth from others. Life and death is a natural path for each human being. Everyone shall be equal in this sense.

Do you want the world to have endless Bill Gates, Georges Soros and Hillary Clinton in the world?

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