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Chinese billionaire’s bet on Pfizer vaccine backfires as his personal wealth plummets

Zhao Bing, a senior healthcare research analyst at China Renaissance Securities HK Ltd, says the issue over Pfizer getting the green light is “a political issue, rather than an economic or biological one”.

My Comment:

What Zhao Bing said is wrong. The Chinese government rejected to use Pfizer BioNTech vaccine simply because the BioNTech mRNA vaccine is a bio-weapon instead of a vaccine.

We can read statistic reports.

Many pieces of evidence including the Wuhan Laboratory foundation and the mRNA vaccines cooperation prove that the Chinese Cabal did participate in the COVID evil crime. The depopulation agenda has been executed by the Satanic Cabal in many countries around the world including China, Russia, Spain, and Africa in the past centuries. The genocide could not have happened without internal collusion by the traitors. They have attempted to kill the Chinese by SARS in 2003 and then COVID in 2019.

This time, they also wanted to overturn Xi Jinping's administration. I strongly believe that Xi was unaware of the COVID plan so that there were some chaos and hiccups at the early stage of the outbreak. Xi definitely didn't participate with Bill Gates and the Cabal and he didn't follow their agenda. Without Xi's determination, millions of Chinese would be killed and the manufacturing industries would be destroyed in this COVID crisis.

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