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Chemtrails Have Ruined Oregon, Bonni Burr


The US government has actually confirmed the validity of large scale weather modification… tangible evidence that corporations and various levels of government are involved in modifying the weather with the combination of chemicals and technologies. —Read More (

I live in God's country Oregon, the most beautiful state anywhere. We have the ocean,

beautiful valley, Rocky Mountains and eastern Oregon desert. We ship our grass seed

across the world as well as our timber, our grapes make wonderful wines, our Filbert go

to Nutella and our mint goes to Wrigley's.

Three years ago Antifa destroyed the third most beautiful city in America, Portland, and

burned 250 million acres of our timber because our Liberal governor let them.

Chemtrail Planes are in our skies daily. Last year we lost one third of our trees that were

cover with yellow scales and hanging moss.

We are dying too. In the last months the sky as far as the eye could see in any direction

contain huge puffy Chemtrails made by five planes at once, day in and day out.

We have a new governor who doesn't give a rat's butt either.

Our school's are WOKE. God, help the kids.

We could use a little help here.

PS. We were always a Republican state since our beginning in 1879, but in 1987, 36

years ago, our state went to mail-in ballots and we were never Republican again.

Please help us. We are going down the shitter here.


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