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Bill Gates invested 55 million in BioTech on Sept 4, 2019

Bill Gates invested a whopping $55 MILLION in BioNTech that made the Pfizer mRNA injection. He also met Great Harlot Peng Liyuan in Nov 2019. And then the COVID outbreak happened.

I recently discovered something very weird. 

Bill Gates invested a whopping $55 MILLION in BioNTech that made the Pfizer mRNA injection.  

You will never believe the date that this happened... 

Is this just a coincidence?  

You know, the company that partnered with Pfizer to make their mRNA covid vaccine and drove Pfizer's revenue to a record $100 billion in 2022. 

Well, I had a look and found something very interesting indeed. When did Bill Gates invest this large sum of money? 

Turns out that it was on the 4th of September 2019

Covid was discovered just two months later in November 2019 (at least the first time we got to hear about it). 

This turned out to be very profitable for Bill Gates, his investment increasing by 10 times. The original $55 million was worth over $550 million just a few years later.  

"the collaboration will fund the identification of potential HIV and tuberculosis vaccine and immunotherapy candidates and their pre-clinical development. It will further enable BioNTech to build out its infectious disease infrastructure, including platform development" - it says in the press release from BioNTech. 

Guess what? 

Bill Gates has also donated some $20 million to the BBC. 

Now it is being reported that the BBC misrepresented the risk of covid in order to boost public support for lockdown. 

other words, the mainstream media deliberately mislead the public and scared them into supporting draconian lockdown measures, and also probably scared people into rushing to get the brand new mRNA injections. 

Meanwhile Bill Gates investment grew and grew... 

"One example is that they gave the impression that hospitals were being overwhelmed during the first wave. Some (mainly in London) were, but overall hospital bed occupancy was at an all-time low during that period" said Professor Mark Woolhouse. 

Remember when we were told that the hospitals were completely full and we had all the dancing nurses on TikTok? Remember how some peopel were labelled "conspiracy theorists" for questioning this? 

Turns out that the so called "conspiracy theorists" were right once again. The hospitals were not full. We were being lied to. 

What do you think about all of this, surely it is just a coincidence that Bill Gates just happened to invest large amounts of money into BioNTech just two months before covid?

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