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An incomplete list of British crimes across the world under the reign of Elizabeth II:

R An incomplete list of British crimes across the world under the reign of Elizabeth II:

1948-60: The British waged war in 'Malaya' to loot rubber and tin between 1948-60. It

had been preceded by the Great Famine in India 1876–78 – one of the most neglected

cases of British colonial crimes. It covered an area of 670,000 square kilometers and

affected 59 million people. They also sprayed Agent Orange on food crops as part of their

'starvation campaign'.

In 1952 Churchill argued Kenya‘s fertile highlands should only be for white people and

approved the forcible removal of the local pop. Hundreds of thousands of Kenyans were

forced into camps.

In 1953, Britain under Churchill ordered the overthrowing of the democratically

elected leader of ‗British Guiana‘. He dispatched troops and warships and suspended

their constitution all to put a stop to the govs nationalisation plan.

1962-70: Britain carried out a covert war in Yemen which led to 200,000 deaths between

1962-70 and killed with impunity in Aden.

On 30th Jan 1972, the Bloody Sunday massacre was perpetrated by the parachute

regiment of the British Army who killed 14 civilians at a peaceful protest march.

Following the massacre the British lied about the victims. In 1972, British soldiers shot

26 unarmed civilians during an anti-colonial protest march in Derry, Ireland. Fourteen

people died on Bloody Sunday.

There was a war of aggression against the people of Biafra where starvation against

children was justified as a weapon of war. Britain under the supervision of Queen wanted

Biafrans dead so as to have access to oil.

S. Hell to Queen Elizabeth and her part in 500,000 missing Native children from 80

Canadian mainly Catholic Boarding Schools:

Victim Calls out Queen for Ritual Abuse:

T. Excerpts from some of the above articles about Queen Elizabeth:

William Combes of the Canadian Salish Tribe, witnessed the abduction of ten children

by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at the Catholic Kamloops Indian residential school

in British Columbia – and died trying to expose the perpetrators.

On Oct. 10 1964 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were seen leaving a picnic with

the ten children. Their local native parents haven‘t seen their children since. In Feb. 2010

Combes died after speaking out about the Queen‘s abduction.

Combes was a child at the school when his ten friends disappeared. As an adult the

healthy Combes, who had been part of recent protests about 50,000 missing Canadian

children, was told to go to the St. Paul‘s Catholic hospital in Vancouver for tests. There

he was put into a coma by injection, then was prematurely pulled off life support.

Erika, a former nurse at St. Paul’s, speaks of how she witnessed Combes final days.

Erika was convinced that all of his symptoms indicate that he died of arsenic poisoning,

not ―tuberculosis‖ as the British Columbia Coroner claimed. Erika describes her

impressions in this June 2018 interview with Kevin Annett:


In 2013 six international judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice

in Brussels tried a court case against Queen Elizabeth. Even though Witness Combes

was dead they had other witnesses to the abduction, plus Combes‘s testimony on video.

The international court convicted Queen Elizabeth of Crimes Against Humanity for the

disappearance of the ten native children, all around the age of ten, on Oct. 10 1964.

Notice the use of the number 10 in that Oct. 10 1964 date – a common practice of

Satanic worship. Witnesses testifying before the ICLJ Court in Brussels accused the

Queen and other Royals of participation in Satanic Child Sacrifice rites at secured

locations around the globe including a military base in Australia.

A Citizens’ Grand Jury was convened with international jurists to investigate the

ongoing disappearance of aboriginal families on Canada’s west coast. Its mandate

included the power to convene a Common Law Court trial that would issue subpoenas

and summonses to top officials of Canadian Church, State and Corporations.

The Citizen’s Grand Jury report on this and multi other cases surrounding multiple

deaths and disappearances of native Canadians would be issued in the spring of 2019.

Feb. 7 2019: As of February a Citizens Grand Jury investigation has expanded from

a kidnapping of ten children by Queen Elizabeth into a probe of a suspected medical

killing ground for aboriginals – St. Paul‘s Catholic Hospital in Vancouver Canada. The

Grand Jury inquiry involved thousands of missing native men, women and children on

Canada‘s west coast.

The probe actually began back on Oct. 10 1964 with the disappearance of ten

Canadian native children in Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip‘s care and a witness to

the abduction who mysteriously died in 2011 just before his testimony before a London

Tribunal investigating the kidnappings.

Queen Elizabeth’s ten children were residents of the Catholic Kamloops Indian

residential school in British Columbia. On Oct. 10 1964 their disappearance was

witnessed by several children, including ten year-old William Combes.

In Feb. 2011, 47 years later, Combes mysteriously passed away after speaking out

about the Queen and the disappearance of his fellow classmates. The Royal Canadian

Mounted Police had forcibly admitted Combes to St. Paul‘s Catholic hospital in

Vancouver for unneeded tests. There he was put into a coma by injection, and then

prematurely pulled off life support.

The recent inquiry into missing Canadian natives was a result of the International

Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canadians (ITDC), an international coalition of

jurists and human rights groups formed in September 2018 to investigate disappearances

of aboriginal people in Canada and prosecute those responsible. The ITDC was said to

arise ―because of continued efforts by the Canadian government to subvert justice by

concealing and falsifying the truth of the genocide of native people in Canada.‖

For years the Canadian government has refused to do a comprehensive

investigation into the matter of over 350,800 missing native children – and the more

recent native children who continued to go missing. It included 32 known child mass

gravesites on the grounds of 80 mainly Catholic native children residential schools across

Canada – that have continuously been refused excavation by the Vatican and Canadian

government even though evidence of children‘s mutilated bones have been documented.

Like a huge baby-burning furnace, the government of Canada under leadership of

Queen Elizabeth, appeared to have done everything possible to get rid of evidence and

wipe clean the memory of its mass murder of over 60,000 native children – with a deadly

cover up that appeared to still be going on today.

It happen again at the scene of a mass murder of 215 native children at the

Kamloops Residential School in British Columbia. A mass grave containing tortured

remains of native children lay just south of Kamloops – the same location where Kevin

Annett‘s friend William Coombs witnessed the abduction of ten Kamloops school

children by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on October 10, 1964.

Back in October 2011 Mohawk Elders and Annett did the first excavation of bodies of

tortured children in mass graves believed to be on 80 Indian residential school grounds

across Canada. The dig took place in Brantford, Ontario, but after discovering and

verifying children‘s bones, the team of forensic experts was forbidden to enter the

property by Catholic and Canadian authorities.

Unfortunately the cover up of child mass grave sites across Canada involved much

more than just the Canadian government and Queen Elizabeth. It expanded to the

Vatican and CIA mind control experiments on children that involved huge international

pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Bayer and Eli Lilly.

As early as 1922 the Canadian government made a deal with band council chiefs

that in exchange for benefits, they would round up children from their tribes and

deliver them into over 80 residential school death camps and hospitals across

Canada. The chiefs also agreed to track down runaway children and bury those who died

in secret. Is it any wonder that the same chiefly families were now posing as the good

guys by digging up a children‘s mass grave?

In 2019 a Citizens Grand Jury investigation expanded from the kidnapping of ten

children by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip into a probe of a suspected medical

killing ground for aboriginals – St. Paul‘s Catholic Hospital in Vancouver Canada. The

Grand Jury inquiry involved thousands of missing native men, women and children on

Canada‘s West Coast – and like other investigations in behalf of the 60,000 missing

native children – went nowhere.

After enduring years of sodomy, torture on a rack and electric shocks at the

Kamloops school, and just before he was to give his testimony before a citizens’

Grand Jury in February 2011, William Combes was killed by arsenic poisoning at

the Catholic St. Paul‘s hospital in Vancouver. His death never investigated, let alone the

criminals charged.

The British Columbia Coroner announced that he would be on the scene working

closely with the Tk’emlups Band Council to ―investigate‖ the child mass grave site at

Kamloops, as if that‘s a good thing. It isn‘t, actually, since the BC Coroner has a long and

sordid history of issuing fake certificates to concealed the real cause of death of murdered


William Combes suffered such a fate at the hands of the Coroner’s office. The BC

Coroner claimed that William’s death was due to tubercular meningitis. Though, his

attending nurse Chloe Kirker testified under oath that William had no symptoms of TB,

but rather the bloated face and darkened fingernails was of one who had been poisoned

by arsenic.

The very fact that the BC Coroner was showing up in Kamloops now was a sign that

an official cover up was at work. You could be assured that any incriminating evidence

found on those little bones would be expunged as quickly as were their lives.


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