WHO announced the appointment of Chinese singer Peng Liyuan as Goodwill Ambassador for HIV / AIDS


The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today announced the appointment of Chinese singer Peng Liyuan as Goodwill Ambassador for Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

Peng Liyuan has had a very close relationship with WHO ie Bill Gates since 2011. She had already been appointed by the World Health Organization “Goodwill Ambassador for Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS” with a press release calling her “a famous Chinese soprano and actress,” and hiding that she was the wife of Xi Jinping, then China’s Vice President.

Why did she want to position herself as a "famous" singer instead of Xi, Jinping's wife? Did she feel ashame being Xi's wife? In fact, Peng Liyuan is an unknown singer outside of China. At least, I never heard about her and any of her songs in the past. I know her simply because she was Xi Jinping's wife. Being an unknown singer is much more powerful than being the wife of the Vice President of China? Her action clearly showed her supremacy and disrespect against Xi Jinping.

Besides, why she was chosen as the Minister of Health Ambassador for HIV/AIDS Prevention in Jan 2006? That was nothing do with Xi Jinping? Is this another piece of evidence to prove that she was supported by the Chinese Cabal since 2006?

自2011年以來,彭麗媛與世衛組織(即比爾·蓋茨)有著非常密切的關係。她已經被世界衛生組織任命為「結核病和愛滋病毒/愛滋病親善大使」,並在一份新聞稿中稱她為"中國著名的女高音和女演員",並隱瞞她是時任中國國家副主席習近平的妻子。 為什麼她要把自己定位為「著名」歌手,而不是習近平的妻子?作為習近平的妻子,她感到羞愧嗎?



The Chinese Cabal and Peng broadcasted her old AIDS video and made it as the 2021 COVID video to fool the world that she is still the first lady of China.