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What's the world coming to? | Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger was right about the China-US conflict. He predicted that there would be two possible outcomes, one is China-US cooperation, another one is China-US fight. He predicted that the world order will be replaced by regional order if China decided to fight with US.

Henry Kissinger was right about the world order prediction because he had constantly met with real Xi Jinping in the past ten years to exchange ideas.

However, Great Harlot Peng Liyuan and the Chinese Satanic Cabal neglected Henry Kissinger's opinions and colluded with the Satanic Cabal including Bill Gates and World Economic Forum. Eventually the Satanic Cabal's New World Order collapsed and failed badly.

Kissinger is dead right in describing the evolution of the world order but hedge your bets on his assertion for what comes next: the rise of the regions.

Here's Ian Bremmer's review of Henry Kissinger's <i>World Order</i>


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