United States COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by State over Time



If you go to CDC to download the historical COVID dataset and create a pivot table. You will find something very interesting.

The dataset contains all daily submission. Thus, I only need to count the last submission date of the month. However, I have problem to reconcile the data with CDC front page statistic.

Please note that the total death in 2020 full year without vaccines available is even less than the total death in 4 months of 2021 with vaccines available.

What does it tell us?

Does vaccination cause more COVID death in 2021? Or CDC data is not reliable? What do you think? WTO should have the data, please comment about this,

Now CDC deleted the historical data page and Facebook banned me for 30 days again for a single stupid response. They want to stop me from telling the truth. The figures in my previous post in Facebook is wrong but I am unable to correct it.

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