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The Secret Truth of the Dalai Lama


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I had participated in a Tibetan Buddhism organization for a short period of time and I didn't like it. I found it over superstitious and those peoples in the organization were just swindlers. Besides, I am not sure if the super-powers of those lamas are real or not because the Satanic cult has been controlling Tibet for quite some time that sophisticated technology like mind cloning can be applied to humans.

My opinions on Tibetan Buddhism are only based on my personal unpleasant experience. The people whom I met in the Tibet Buddism group may be just the minority in the religious organization. Dalai Lama and those dishonest peoples cannot represent Tibet Buddhism. I don't have sufficient knowledge to criticize Tibet Buddhism and I am definitely not against it.

Nevertheless, I believe part of the Tibet Buddhists are controlled by the Deep State and they are fake religious leaders with specific political agendas. Thus, they have to be identified and corrected.

My own religious belief is to be faithful and follow the manifestation of God's will. Stay positive, compassionate, humble, ethical, and fair. Your own good behaviors, efforts, and karma can direct you to the right place after death. Prayer and rituals are just ways for you to express your faithfulness to GOD. Our karma is much more than that. We need to work hard to achieve our personal goals in life.

I am not knowledgeable in teaching people religious dogma. I have no intention to establish a new religious organization. I prefer to participate in practical works. In my opinion, modification, modernization, and scientific justifications are required in most religious organizations in the world. I respect different religions and cultures in the world. Positive and ethical teachings are essential to improve the quality of mankind. I am more than happy to collaborate with the religious leaders.

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