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The poison killer is finally found. The new crest virus is artificially made?


My post on Facebook at 2020/5/22. The original source was deleted from internet.

The truth is horrifying. The new crown virus is artificially produced and originated from the North Carolina P3 virus laboratory!

The famous American intelligence expert Greg Roubini, in an interview with the TV channel of the First News Network of the United States, officially revealed this day's secret.

According to Greg: The new corona virus was genetically engineered as a biological weapon, originated from the BSL-3 laboratory in North Carolina, and was developed by Professor Ralph Barrick.

He also said that the virus was spread from North Carolina to China, Italy and the United States by the "dark government."

As early as March 15, Greg had tweeted and asked Trump: Why not tell the American people that the virus is made in the United States? Why not state that the new coronavirus itself is a biological weapon?

Coincidentally, Professor Luc Montanier, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of HIV, recently revealed to a French reporter: The new coronavirus is not naturally produced, but was carefully developed by biomolecular scientists.

Montanille also said: Obviously, professionals have added an HIV sequence to this bat-derived virus.

This is undoubtedly the biggest and worst poisoning case ever!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the rumors about "the new crown virus is a synthetic biological weapon" have been rumbling, and scientists from various countries have also been working hard to trace the virus.

As early as February, Indian scientists discovered the HIV virus insert in the new coronavirus, which proved that the virus was artificially designed and synthesized.

In mid-March, scientists discovered from a new coronavirus extracted from a patient in Washington State that its evolutionary cycle has been more than half a year.

With the deepening of research, many countries in the world have turned their doubtful eyes to the United States. Japan, Italy, Australia and other countries have early confirmed cases originating from the United States.

Subsequently, Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, admitted that many of the "big flu" dead in the United States in September 2019 were caused by infection with the new coronavirus.

In response, spokesman Zhao Lijian of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also questioned the United States on Twitter.

After an arduous effort by a team of journalists in Virginia, the United States finally traced back to patient zero.

The patient No. 0 is indeed an American soldier who participated in the Wuhan Military Games last October. Her name is Maatje Benassi.

The background of this American female officer is very special. She has a great connection with the P4 biochemical laboratory of Fort Detrick in the US military. Her family has been diagnosed by many people, and one of them is the first confirmed case in the Netherlands. The Lombardy region of Italy has led to a large outbreak in the region.

At this point, the chain of evidence that the United States is the birthplace of the new coronavirus is complete and interlinked. The five special soldiers received by the special plane after the Wuhan Military Games finally had substantial contact with the closed biochemical laboratory in the United States.

According to the logic of Trump and others, we can rightly call the new coronavirus the North Carolina virus, or the American virus.

When all the evidence points to the United States, the top US officials have publicly admitted that the coronavirus is not a plague but a weapon class. The degree of shamelessness shocked the world, and this further increased the suspicion of drug poisoning in the United States.

The truth of the case is now clear, but Trump and others are still desperately dumping the pot. The new coronavirus has caused tremendous damage and losses to countries all over the world. This pan is too big to be thrown away.

There is another doubt that needs to be explained: What is the origin of Ralph Barrick, responsible for North Carolina virus development, mentioned by Greg in the breaking news?

Barrick is from the University of North Carolina. He was the chief virologist who transformed the new sars coronavirus by gene editing in 2015, and he is also the leader of the virus research and development.

What is even more surprising is that he is also the person in charge of the clinical development of the magic drug "Radexivir". Is this the kind of legend, people who poison will prepare antidote in advance?

In the later clinical practice, Ridesivir was questioned by some experts on its effectiveness and safety, which caused it to quickly fall into the altar.

With the spread of the virus, the United States has become the epicenter of the epidemic.

In the early days of the epidemic, US President Trump did not take it seriously, but regarded it as a heavier influenza. Until his friend, New York real estate tycoon Stanley Chela died of a new crown infection, he attracted great attention from him.

However, it is too late!

...... The sky is not born in China, and it is like a long night. Now that the killers of drug making and poisoning have been exposed, what are they waiting for? We will wait and see!

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