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The "Hung Banquet" is a coup activity organized by the Cabal

The "Hung Banquet is a coup activity organized by the Cabal. The root cause of the Omicron outbreak was caused by multiple virus carriers who are Cathay Pacific flight attendants. Carrie Lam's administration's improper epidemic prevention policies allowed the virus carriers to act freely in Hong Kong.

The "Hung Banquet" is purposely organized by the Chinese Cabal and they invited all senior Hong Kong patriotic officers except the Hong Kong Liaison Officers to join. The restaurant shut down all CCTV at the night. It is totally inappropriate and abnormal to neglect the security arrangement for such an event. The virus carrier is very suspicious that she is just a regular staff of a social organization and she didn't want to disclose her travel records. All the mass media of the Cabal reported and defamed this event massively all over the world. They wanted to pressure the Hong Kong government and Carrie to take action against the patriot officers.

Carrie Lam took this event as an excuse to punish and isolate all the participants in Penny Bay. She immediately deprived the authority and duty of all the officers. For all the serious mistakes, including education, housing, and COVID epidemic policies, being made by Carrie Lam's administration for years, they have never been accused and punished. However, Carrie make such as big deal on this "Hung Banquet" to punish the "Hung Banquet" participants.

This is a coup to remove all patriot officers in the Hong Kong Administration. I suspect that they intend to isolate the Commissioner of Police and Director of Immigration because they are planning for another color revolution in Hong Kong in the coming weeks.

Xi didn't send any military officers to Hong Kong during the 2019 riot. Isn't it that all the anti-Beijing traitors have been removed and Hong Kong is stabilized now? Why did Xi suddenly make such a big move to send anti-terror Major General Peng Jingtang to Hong Kong? The answer is "No". Carrie Lam has just colluded with the Cable to initiate a coup against the patriots. We are at the edge of civil war now.

Carrie Lam is the leader of the Satanic Cabal in Hong Kong. She has to resign immediately

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