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Putin: Zelenskyy Tried to “False Flag” Nuke Plant

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The conversation between Putin and Trump on Thursday was about the alleged shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant by the Russian military. The Russian leader told him that Ukrainian soldiers in Russian uniforms had perpetrated the sabotage to rouse the public and get the U.S. and the United Kingdom involved in the war. They were so well camouflaged that when Russian forces took the city, they had difficulty determining who was who and even shot their own soldiers.

Putin went on to review the daily lies spread about the Russians, such as that Russian soldiers were defecting or that Putin spoke to French President Macron yesterday and told him that he would "go all the way," "I never talk to him, I never talk to him, I never talk to him, I never talk to him. I never talk to him, I can't stand that pig," Putin is reported to have said. "I hate him too," Trump is reported to have replied.

The most important part of that conversation was the current status of the dismantling of the biological weapons labs. Putin's forces are searching for 19 scientists who operated these evil facilities. According to his information, they were evacuated when the bombing began, and President Zelensky has them in safekeeping, protected. According to the report, handing over these scientists is Putin's main condition for ending the war, but Zelensky denies that they exist.

"We have to find them, otherwise they will continue to make these weapons that are a danger to humanity," Putin told Trump, "What would you do if you were in my place?"

"I would move mountains until I find them. Their crimes are terrible," Trump is said to have replied, encouraging him to continue.

So now we know what this war is really about: preventing more pandemics and ending child abduction and trafficking.

Tell everyone: The Russians are saving humanity from the biggest criminals.




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