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Pfizer changed their formulation for 5-11-year-old kids

From: Telegram / Barbara Hauck

Pfizer changed their formulation for 5-11-year-old kids. They added tromethamine, a blood acid reducer that is used to stabilize people with heart attacks.

SIDE EFFECTS? Respiratory depression, IV thrombosis & more..

The request is accompanied by safety data from 1,518 BNT162b2 and 750 placebo (saline) Phase 2/3 participants 5-11 years of age in ongoing clinical study, C4591007, of which a total of 1,444 (95.1%) had safety follow-up.

In other words, they only followed up with 95.1% of the vaccinated kids. What happened to the other 74 kids? Why wouldn't they follow up with 100%? Did they produce an outcome that wasn't beneficial for Pfizer? Were they hurt?

21st century medicine is mostly a scam.

For those that don't know these drug companies are free to run their trials as they see fit. They can have as many trials as they want to achieve a certain outcome. This is all above board and has been going on for decades.

Pfizer changed their formulation for 5-11-year-old kid
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70 members of the Pfizer investment board are members of the Chinese Communist Party.

My comment:

Again, what Dr. Jane Ruby talked about CCP doesn't represent President Xi. As I said many times, their CCP is the Chinese Cabal which is against Xi's administration. Xi didn't corporated with Bill Gates on any vaccine development. The Chinese Sinovax vaccine is the safest vaccine.

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