Peng Liyuan Stole Decent Life Quote Channels to Threaten Me


The Youtube Channel "Crazy Joker 2.0" , "Avitude Quotes" and "Motivate Yourself" are decent channels for life quotes. The Youtube cheaters have already disabled the historical search for "Today".

The "I'll kill you twice" video under "Motivate Yourself" cannot be found under channel historical search.

I have viewed these threatening messages on 9/4/2022. As of 10/4/2022, the channel historical search cannot return these threatening messages. Therefore, they are fake and not originally published by the channel owners.

This is solid evidence to prove that Peng Li Yuan and the Satanic Cabal stole other people's channels to push threatening messages to me. These are just some examples, they have threatened me in many different ways.

Peng Liyuan colluded with the Satanic Cabal continuously pushing threatening messages and videos to me over the past 2+ years via Facebook and Youtube. They also set up many traps to collect my personal information. They attempted to identify my location and stop me from helping Xi Jinping to fight against them.

In the past 2+ years, I have done my best to help Xi Jinping to fight against the Satanic Cabal. I do believe that I am valuable to the Chinese government and I can contribute more after proper training. Didn't Peng Liyuan recognize my contributions? Of course, she did and she is very jealous. Peng Liyuan disregards my values and contributions to China and the world, she desperately wants to kill me so as to secure her position. She is extremely selfish and dangerous and her misconduct seriously jeopardizes national security.

Peng Liyuan is a shameless and despicable traitor and cheater. She is the Great Harlot of China.