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Solid evidence to prove that Peng Liyuan colludes with Satanic Cabal


Sorry, CGTN!

I was wrong about the CGTN channel that it was not their fault to broadcast Peng Liyuan's video.

The same problem appeared in Channel CGTN. Peng Liyuan and the Satanic Cabal use programs to insert Peng's video into the broadcast list whereas that video can't be searched in CGTN history. It is because this video is not originally stored in the CGTN database and the CGTN channel owner has no control over it.

With this manipulation and cheating method, even the channel owner cannot realize that its account is being stolen. The Chinese Cabal can put their words and videos under the Chinese government's official channel.

Peng Liyan is an evil cheater and manipulator who has been making fake many videos to fool the world.

This is a piece of solid evidence to prove that Peng Liyuan colludes with the Satanic Cabal including the big tech giants like Bill Gates and Google.

They may fix the program to resolve the history search discrepancy after I revealed it. However, my screenshots speak the truth.

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