Kazakhstan riot was a color revolution.

Foreign-trained terror groups creating armed aggression: Kazakhstan

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Foreign-trained terror groups creating armed aggression: Kazakhstan

NATO's Atlanticist strategy from 2009 onwards has been to politically destabilize all neighboring countries to Russia in order to overthrow the governments that were too close to Moscow and replace them with hetero-directed puppets from Washington and Brussels. Until now, NATO has only racked up failures. Euromaidan led to the reunification of Crimea, a strategic peninsula, with Russia.

The color revolution designed to overthrow the president of Belarus, Lukashenko, failed miserably and Belarus came even closer to Russia. The Kazakh Euromaidan seems to be already melting like snow in the sun for the prompt intervention of Moscow. At the end of this story, NATO's strategy of weakening Russia has only strengthened it.

Russia has already intervened to help the legitimate Kazakh government put an end to the violent uprisings. Russian special forces are already in the country to help the Kazakh army. Apparently, the color revolution orchestrated by Soros and the Atlanticist gang seems to be heading for complete defeat. The attempt of the New World Order to strike Russia in the flanks is marching towards merciless failure.

By the way, for those who were looking for more information on the "inspirers" of the Kazakh Euromaidan in this article, we find the definitive signature of the Euro-Atlantic hand in this subversive operation. Among the ranks of the demonstrators are foreign terrorists. The modus operandi of globalist circles is now always the same in every part of the world.

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Bitcoin falling with Kazakhstan riots. Mining is going down at the same time. The crypto giant has dropped from over $46K to $42,000. Kazakhstan is widely ranked as the 2nd largest Bitcoin mining nation in the world (18%). Kazakhstan is where Kazarians originated from

Astana (now called Nur-Sultan) is the capital of Kazakhstan and also the current headquarters of the Illuminati. Until now. This is the equivalent of losing a queen in a game of chess. This is the end of the Illuminati and probably the beginning of a catastrophic worldwide collapse.