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Human Right Fault


Why the world only focus on Xinjiang people? What have Chinese government done anything wrong? They just educate and bring the people back to better and normal life. We don't need to deny and avoid. We did for the best of the people in Xinjiang by using Chinese wisdom and methods. Have the western media conduct any survey in Zinjiang to collect the massive opinions? You are just criticizing and pinpointing some special actions without seeing the whole picture in Zinjiang. Comparing with what American had destroyed in Afghanistan,Syria,Libya and Iraq, Chinese government is much more civilized and humanised to the Turkic Uyghur people. Does anyone care about the people in those countries under American's massacre? If the world can accept and endorse the American's savage acts, why not Chinese's transformation. So, is it a double standard again? It is totally a hypocritical kindness and shameful attack.


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