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Henry Kissinger is the mastermind of the Global Shadow Governance | 亨利·基辛格是全球影子治理的策劃者!

100 Years Henry Kissinger – Global Strategist and War Criminal‼️

亨利·基辛格誕辰 100 週年 – 全球戰略家和戰犯‼️

Henry Kissinger drives the global governance agenda for his whole life. He is an evil Satanist and War Criminal.

The Chinese Satanic Cabal led by Zhou Enlai's clan has been colluding with Kissinger to control the Chinese government since the 1970s.

Xi Jinping said to Kissinger on July 20, 2023: 52 years ago, also in July, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai met with you here, starting the process of normalization between the two countries, which has far-reaching historical significance. It was a turning point in Sino-U.S. relations. Chinese people never forget their old friends. Sino-U.S. relations will always be linked with the name Kissinger.

However, this meeting is not recorded in the MFA of the PRC Website.

亨利·基辛格一生都在推動全球統一議程。 他是邪惡的撒旦教徒和戰犯。


習近平在說 2023/07/20 說: 「在52年前,也是七月份、就在這裡,周恩來總理和你在這裡會見開啟了兩國正常化的進程,具有深遠的歷史意義。當時是中美關系的一個轉折點,中國人不忘老朋友,中美關系永遠和基辛格這個名字是連在一起。」


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