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Google Translate is not reliable at all!

China adopted the "Dynamic Zero COVID policy" in the past 3 years, they used the mix-tube method to test 10 people at a time so as to reduce the resource and effort. Once the particular tube tested positive, then all 10 people were required to test again to identify the real infected person.

As per the below notice, the English translation is deliberately misinterpreted. First of all, the Chinese sentence doesn't contain any pronoun "You". In fact, what the sentence really means is that the mix-tube causes administration trouble because the health clinics have to contact all testers within the mix-tube to find out who is exactly infected.

I posted an example on Aug 2021, Google deliberately misinterpreted the Chinese word. Since the translation is supposedly done by the program, it should not be wrong like this.

They translated "China/Taiwan breaks promise" as "China/Taiwan keep the promise" whereas they translated "Japan/US breaks promise" as "Japan/US breaks the contract"

This also proved the Chinese Satanic Cabal colluded with the Satanic Big Tech.

They don’t even know Chinese! | How Western "China Experts" Get It So Wrong: An Example


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