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Just as the war in Ukraine is in full swing, the United States and Russia are engaged in another thrilling game at the United Nations.

At the UN meeting, Russian representatives directly attacked the US for conducting brutal and inhumane biochemical experiments in Ukraine with evidence.

Faced with the accusations by the Russian representative, the U.S. representative to the United Nations became furious, saying that Russia was spreading rumors to divert attention and that the United States did not conduct experiments on biological weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine.

From the previous 8 tweets by the White House spokesperson, denying that the United States was conducting biochemical experiments in Ukraine, and then the US Deputy Secretary of State Nuland was forced to admit that the United States was indeed helping Ukraine conduct biochemical experiments.

Now, when the U.S. representative saw that Russia had brought the evidence to the United Nations and asked the United Nations to conduct a thorough investigation, the U.S. representative hysterically denied it and rejected Russia’s proposal to let the United Nations intervene in the thorough investigation of Ukraine’s biological and chemical weapons. It seems that the United States is truly guilty. If Saddam, who was hunged by the United States for unwarranted reasons, was alive, I wonder if he would be so angry that he would immediately take Biden away when he saw this scene.

The Chinese representative spoke out in a righteous manner, supporting Russia's proposal to ask the United Nations to investigate whether the United States has developed biological weapons in Ukraine, and criticizing any behavior that triggers biological weapons is shameful.

However, what makes people angry is that at the UN General Assembly, except for China's righteous words, the Western countries collectively kept silent. These usually sane Western countries, when they saw that it was their boss, the United States, who developed biological and chemical weapons, they all obediently closed their mouths. What makes people even angrier and sad is Secretary-General of the United Nations, Guterres, has stood up and said: The United Nations has no right to investigate this matter! have you understood? Seeing that the suspect is the United States, the United Nations is horrified!

The statement of WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is even more intriguing. He just said that Ukraine should destroy civilian biochemical facilities to prevent leakage.

No investigation has been conducted yet. How does the WHO know that Ukraine is a civilian biochemical facility? It seems that the WHO Director-General's ass is a bit crooked when he does not pursue such a major clue, or even helps to cover up.

What's even more shameless is that the US Internet giants Facebook and Twitter have announced that they have blocked Russia's official voice channel, so that Russia, which has evidence in its hands, has no voice in the world.

Not only will Russia’s voice be completely blocked, but on the Internet in the United States, anyone who talks about the Ukrainian biochemical crisis may be blocked at any time, or even silenced. This is the United States of free speech!

The Ukrainian side also acted urgently and tried every means to destroy all the evidence. The Ukrainian congressman Kiva, who bravely broke the news that Ukraine sent 4,500 soldiers to participate in the US biochemical experiment, has also faced unprecedented personal threats.

Just after the Ukrainian biochemical crisis scandal broke out, a large number of Ukrainian militants directly blew up the Kharkiv Biochemical Research Building, and buried more than 50 researchers inside the building. Their behavior is simply outrageous. It seems that Ukraine has unscrupulously started to destroy the evidence.

As a sovereign and independent country, Ukraine has become an American biochemical experimental factory, even at the expense of allowing its own soldiers to be biochemically experimented on by the United States. At this time, Ukraine has completely become an accomplice of the United States!

But even in the face of the U.S.’s single-handedness in the United Nations and its hegemony on the Internet, Russia did not sit still, but directly sent the relevant evidence of the U.S. research and development of biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine to the Internet, and allowed all the countries in the world to freely download.

Even if the United Nations has no way to sanction the United States, the ugly face of the United States' large-scale development of biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine and the urgent destruction of evidence has been completely exposed to the world! It also accelerated the complete collapse of American credibility..

Please help to spread the word to your contacts to support Russia expose the US shameful and disgusting acts against humanity. Of course US is developing biological weapons. They never signed the UN accord against bio weapons, and they took over the bio weapons research from Japan after WWII for the price of letting those war criminals go free.


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