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Enough is enough! EBS should be implemented before Nov Mid-term election

The Nov mid-term election is very important. The corrupted Deep States members should not be elected because they are the obstacles to Americans' reform.

I believe the EBS announcement should be implemented before Nov Mid-term so that all Americans will awaken and make the right voting decision.

We need to take down the mass media ASAP. Otherwise, they can rig the mid-term election again.

Do you have a control mechanism to fix the evil media? They are the core problems of social unrest and riots because they keep spreading misinformation. The media is their major weapon to cover their crimes.

The EBS communication should present the military tribunal's actions in public to ease their anger. We need to show the world those satanic demons were punished accordingly. And also inform the citizens of the restoration plan such as GESARA - NESARA to comfort them.

Is there any compensation paid out within the GESARA program? Perhaps, conditional GESARA-NESARA compensation can be implemented. If the program can offer the poor and aggressive groups some financial compensation, they will follow your instructions. Those who participate in the riots and plead guilty should not entitle the compensation.

Or use GOD's words!


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