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Dong Jingwei was given over 1TB pages of evidence to Alliance two years ago

There was a rumor that Dong Jingwei fled to the United States two years ago. The white hat intel exposed that he was given over 1 TB pages of evidence by Xi Jinping to the Alliance.

And Now, Dong Jingwei stations in Hong Kong as the leader of national security.

Therefore, Xi Jinping can do the same thing to Putin.

Update: Xi and Putin conducted a private one-on-one meeting to share confidential matters

This is Dong Jingwei. He is a Hero that nobody knows. Intel that I got is that he was a gift from President Xi of China to the Alliance. He was given over 1 TB = 75 million pages of evidence containing 20 years of CCPs plans, execution & current infiltration to destroy the U.S including creating the SARS, Covid 19 bioweapons & all companies & people in involved including HRC, weapons trade, money laundering, creating weapons for climate change (Evergreen Ship), U.S. officials and Deep State Military, Deep State run military bases, DC and MSM Media. This involved Obama, Gates, Fauci, CDC, Biden, WHO, HRC, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, CIA, Rothschilds, Vatican and the Israeli Kazarian Crime Syndicate. Sources say over 32 Governors and top military brass was called to the Pentagon recently and briefed on all of it's really game over for all the Bullshit, and we are at breakpoint ALPHA...

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