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Collapse of the Chinese Communist Party: The Fall of the Deep State


China was heading into near Civil War.

Money in the CCP Regime that is connected to the U.S. $ dollar and European Euro was falling as Military tanks and soldiers surround banks and 100 of millions of Chinese civilians try to withdraw their own money as the 2nd world strongest economy.

What isn’t know is the XI , Putin and others have staged these EVENTS to bring down the CCP communist regime and their banks.

After the collapse the new Gold backed system will be in full effect through China.

The current Chinese Banks that have collapsed are hundreds of thousands banks that run on money laundering and is owned by Rothschilds, Rockefellers and several Chinese clans that created the CCP.

In the past 6 weeks several military generals have been replaced and president XI has installed loyalist among the 31 provinces.

The World Storm is among us as China began collapsing Deep State Banks that were connected to the Deep State fiat system.

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