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Chinese People to be liberated from Chinese Communist Party

My Comments: The Chinese Satanic Cabal including Peng Liyuan and Li Keqiang has been dissolved. However, they still control the media to spread misinformation and pretend still in power.

Sunday we could also celebrate the sovereignty of the Chinese people that was in the process of being fully restored. The Chinese Communist Party has been set aside and the CCP was no longer in control of the Free People of China! The South China Sea was now under the control of the US Military. Taiwan and Hong Kong were free.

This successful top secret operation would soon be announced. It was coordinated among multiple nation states, including the US, India, Russia, Taiwan and China Chairman Xi. It successfully ended 70 years of brutal domination by the CCP, which had systemic control of almost 1.5 billion people in every facet of life.

Scary Threat of China:

Chinese People to be liberated from Chinese Communist Party, Scott McKay:

With aide of Russia and Taiwan and in cooperation with Chinese Chairman Xi, US Forces to Land on Mainland China to liberate Chinese people. Trump, Putin and Chinese Chairman Xi were coordinating this long planned out operation to dissolve the Chinese Communist Party.

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