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Catherine Austin Fitts and Karel van Wolferen discussed Ukraine, NATO, the EU & Putin


Catherine Austin Fitts and Karel van Wolferen discussed Ukraine, NATO, the EU and Putin's shocking chess moves in Davos

Karel van Wolferen is a writer, journalist, professor, publisher and one of the most respected experts on geopolitics in the Netherlands. Catherine Austin Fitts visited van Wolferen last week to discuss in detail his views on the events in Ukraine and how they relate to the desire to establish centralized control around the world.

They started by discussing the historical context of what is happening in Ukraine today. According to van Wolferen, in 2014 there was a coup d'etat in Ukraine, in which George Soros played the main role. Adding that "Victoria Nuland, who was deputy Secretary of State in one case or another, once boasted that they spent $5 billion to go so far as to make this coup, although she did not call it a coup." He turned Ukraine from a sovereign country into a country remotely controlled by Washington and, more directly, controlled by the CIA to conduct more detailed operations, false flags and so on.

In the last two years, Europe and the countries of the "Five Eyes" have probably suffered more than the United States, and in a different way, from a criminal syndicate that tried to establish a supranational totalitarian system with the World Economic Forum as an important coordinating body, an organizational center, van Wolferen explained, "and in the long run this will create a slave-owning society".

This is a really thought-provoking and mind-opening discussion that you definitely need to listen to. During the discussion , van Wolferen stated:

"Putin has taken up Davos. This is the first challenge to Davos, the World Economic Forum, Gates and many others. Because of the sanctions, he created a new geo-economic system."

"The European Union turned out to be a monster. A really terrible thing. The EU may well become the most dangerous thing for Europe if this continues.

"WHO will be the sole authority over all UN member states. This means that Bill Gates has become a great authority in the world over everyone. This is design. It's unbelievable."

"Russia is the first challenge to all this. This is the first challenge to Davos. The first real challenge."

"You see, your scheme is much more optimistic than mine, so I want to stay with your system," Fitts said.


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