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Bannon: "What is Monkeypox?" | Dr. Malone: "Misdirection play." “Classic fearporn…”

Dr. Robert Malone Explains JYNNEOS and Who Is Really Funding These Programs

Bannon: "What is Monkeypox?"

Dr. Malone: "Misdirection play." “Classic fearporn…”

"... they already have stockpiled vaccines for smallpox. What they bought is more smallpox vaccines... The name of the product is called JYNNEOS... It is marketed by Bavarian Nordic in you all you have to do is search for package insert JYNNEOS and you'll pull up the package insert for the product and they will find that this is absolutely not a benign product…” “This has as one of the leading rare serious adverse events. Wait for it. cardiotoxicity myocarditis."

Vanguard and Blackrock are some of the biggest shareholders of Bavarian Nordic which is producing the Jynneos Monkeypox vaccine. The biggest shareholder is Invesco who is coincidentally partnered with the World Economic Forum


The stock started skyrocketing May 9th.

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