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AIDS was caused by vaccine | Vaccine Acquired Immune Defienciency Syndrome.




The Origin Of AIDS

Documentary About The Hypothesis That HIV May Have Been Caused By Mass Vaccination Against Polio, In Congo, Between 1957 And 1960.

Did Scientists Inadvertently Cause The AIDS Epidemic? More Than 20 Years After The AIDS Epidemic Started, We Still Do Not Know Its Origins. Many Believe That The Answer Is Hidden In The Research Undertaken To Find A Cure To The Polio Epidemic. As The Scientific Community's Ethical Responsibilities Are Called Into Question, The Debate Over The Origins Of AIDS Rages On.

WHO injected Africans with over 50 million smallpox vaccines and on May 11, 1987, an article under this heading was published in the British The Times: "The smallpox vaccine caused a wave of infections with the AIDS virus."

We know that the Covid ‘vaccines’ contain HIV, but it it’s not the first time they include it in vaccines 🤬

May 11, 1987, the London Times published an article titled "Smallpox vaccine causes the AIDS virus."

Almost 100 million Africans were vaccinated by the WHO. The vaccine was blamed for awakening the "dormant" infection of the AIDS virus on the continent.

Dr. Robert Gallo, one of the discoverers of HIV, told the Times: “Now I believe that the theory of the smallpox vaccine explains the explosion of AIDS, the link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis."

They are doing it again but this time with the entire world population.

MSM is already talking about getting tested for HIV. They want you to think you had it prior to the jab but unaware because you didn’t get tested for it.

They will call it an AIDS epidemic when it’s actually a VAIDS epidemic - Vaccine Acquired Immune Defienciency Syndrome.

The Origin of AIDS Is The Polio Vaccine.

Meet Dr. Hilary Koprowski.

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