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Eastern & Bible Prophecies  (Testing)

上天隱藏著一組神秘數字 9 & 12. 上天恩選的先知聖賢包括耶穌,佛陀和穆罕默德英文數值都擁有這組數字。而且這組數字早在《彭祖教》的古籍有記載,撒旦邪教共濟會和光明會也洞察這秘密,所以撒旦集團的所有領袖都是跟隨這規則命名的。

God hides a group of mysterious numbers 9 & 12. The prophets and saints who are chosen by God, including Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad, all possess these mysterious numbers. Moreover, these mysterious numbers were recorded in the ancient books of "Peng Zujiao", and the Satanic cult Freemasons and Illuminati also have insight into this secret, so all the leaders of the Satanic cabal are named according to this rule.

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