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Military Operations | 軍事行動

過去幾年來除了俄羅斯和烏克蘭戰爭之外。其實,撒旦集團和正義聯盟在全世界進行一場隱蔽式的戰爭。撒旦集團利用天氣武器(HAARP) 製造災難, 正義聯盟亦藉此機會把全球的地下隧道密室清除。

In the past few years, other than the Russia-Ukraine war,  the Satanic Group and the White Hats Alliance are engaged in a covert war all over the world. The Satanic Cabal used the weather weapon (HAARP) to create disasters, and the White Hats Alliance also takes this opportunity to clean up the underground tunnel dumbs around the world.

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