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江澤民 ​|Jiang Zemin

中國政府最高權力機構是中國國務院。江澤民是中國國家主席,也只是虛銜。中國撒旦集團一直利用克隆人假冒江澤民出席公開會議,制造假視頻妖魔化和醜化他的形象, 以他的名義犯罪, 藉而妖魔化中國共產黨。

The highest authority of the Chinese government is the State Council of China. Jiang Zemin is the President of China, and it is only a false title. The Chinese Satanic Cabal has been using clones to impersonate Jiang Zemin to attend public meetings, create fake videos to demonize and vilify his image and commit crimes under his name. thereby demonizing the Chinese Communist Party. 

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