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Xi Jinping & Peng Liyuan's Fake Marriage

大淫婦彭麗媛是絕對是一個宣揚《世界政府》的撒旦全球主義者。 她從不同意和讚同習近平的政治觀點。 她出於政治目的與習近平結婚。 她一直在背叛習近平。 她一直勾結中國撒旦集團包括李克強和王毅與習近平對抗。 她從不尊重和愛護習近平。 這才是習近平必須與大淫婦彭麗媛離婚的主要原因。

Great Harlot Peng Liyuan is certainly a Satanic Globalist to promote "One World Government".  She never agreed and aligned with Xi Jinping's political views. She married Xi for political purposes. She has been betraying Xi Jinping all the time. She has been colluding with the Chinese Satanic Cabal including Li Keqiang and Wang Yi to fight against Xi. She never respects and loves Xi Jinping. This is the main reason why Xi Jinping has to divorce Great Harlot Peng Liyuan

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