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What were Fauci's friends doing in Ukraine?

"Interestingly, the BTRP (Biological Threat Reduction Program) has a direct connection with the EcoHealth Alliance. This is the same EcoHealth Alliance that is affiliated with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

It doesn't take much effort to put it all together. Ukraine is at the forefront of the US Department of Defense's biological threat reduction program, which is essentially another form of Wuhan Laboratory, which means that the US Department of Defense is conducting bioweapon research right across the border with Russia. Putin may be cruel, but given the conclusions of the Wuhan Conference, these bio-weapons research facilities in Ukraine seem to pose an existential threat to Russia. Given the increasingly brazen NATO on his doorstep and the threat of bioweapons, why would he take the risk?

All this does not justify the brutality of the Russian army in its attacks on Ukraine, but the games of the US Department of Defense in distant countries created more problems than they solved, and if the game here was to get the better of Russia, then it is America's willingness to play with fire that is the real catalyst for this war.

Over the years of its existence, NATO has done a good job portraying itself as a "defender of freedom" against autocratic Russia. However, given the brutality shown around the world regarding restrictions on Covid-19, and the fact that it was the US government (albeit a secret part of it) that was directly involved in the development of the Covid-19 agent, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between the two sides."

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