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The DNS system can be manipulated to redirect you to a dedicated fake server

當前的 www 互聯網基礎設施是由撒旦集團控制和擁有的。 他們很容易在互聯網上作弊。

例如,所有網站域都依賴於 DNS 系統來查找網站服務器 的IP 地址以檢索信息。 但是黑客或撒旦集團管理員可以通過多種方式來操縱 DNS 系統,從而將您轉載到不正確的 IP 地址,即儲存虛假信息的假服務器。

因此,您從瀏覽器訪問的網站很可能與其他人訪問的網站不同。 中國的中共官員可以訪問正正常的網站,而我們就檢索到另一個虛假網站。

我相信有安全指南或規則來保護政府網站。 但是如果這些國家與西方交戰,這些規則可能會被打破,因此我先前無法訪問俄羅斯網站。


The current www internet infrastructure is being controlled and owned by the Satanic Cabal. It is very easy for them to cheat on the internet.

For example, all website domains depend on the DNS system to find out the current server IP address to retrieve information. However, there are many ways for hackers or Satanic Cabal's administrator to manipulate the DNS system so that you are redirected to an incorrect IP address ie a fake server with fake information.

Thus, it is most likely that the websites you access from the browser are different from the websites other people access. The CCP official in China can access the normal website whereas we are retrieving a fake website with fake information.

I believe that there are security guidelines or rules to protect governmental websites. However, these rules can be broken if the countries are at war with the West. Therefore, I couldn't access Russian websites in the past.

Commercial media websites' securities can be vulnerable and manipulatable.


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