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The dark propaganda strategy behind Falun Gong's Media Group


Falun Gong was created and controlled by the Satanic Cults. Their main purpose is to overthrow the Chinese government and defame the CCP anti-Cabals leaders.

Falun Gong is untrustful. They colluded with the Chinese Cabal in China to make up fake news and evidence. They combined some facts and lies together to make it convincing. Their whole purpose is to destroy the CCP's governance and political system. They diverted people's attention to the wrong leaders and made the anti-Cabals CCP leaders evil and ugly. The Chinese Cabals are always behind the scene. Maybe the reverse way is the truth.

Falun Gong's Media never exposed the evil crimes of the Satanic cults including human trafficking, child sexual abuse, child sacrificial ritual, Illuminati, 13 families, the Vatican, City of London, Royal families, Agenda 21, genocide, New World Order, COVID hoax, Bill Gates, George Soros, WHO, Vaccine Bio-weapon, genetically modified food and so on...

Are they saying that CCP is the one and only evil party in the world that created all these disasters and miseries? They can save the whole world simply by overthrowing the Chinese government?

Falun Gong is absolutely a Cult!!

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