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Putin Lights “Purifying Fire” to Cleanse Ukraine of Pedophiles


Part. 2 Putin lights 'cleansing fire' to purge Ukraine of pedophiles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told President Trump on Monday he holds no grudge against innocent Ukrainians involved in conflict but will not abandon his mission to "cleanse" Eastern Europe of ungodly "Western influences," a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

Among the influences he mentioned are Western-funded bioweapons labs and child sex traffickers who found safe haven in Ukraine after it declared independence from the USSR in 1991. Both Zelenskyy and his predecessor, Petro Poroshenko, had not only allowed sex traffickers to operate with impunity in Ukraine, he said, but also encouraged the spread of the "industry" as they received huge kickbacks from international predators who were expelled from their respective countries.

Putin called Kiev a "den of pedophiles" and said only a "cleansing fire" could rid the country of the sinister disease.

His tirade on the issue came days after a Russian special forces unit "accidentally" stumbled upon a den of child trafficking in central Ukraine. The facility, described by rescued children as hellish, dirty and demonic, was a temporary home for 100 abductees from six countries.

By Monday, Putin told Trump, the Russian Society for Child Protection had interviewed 36 victims. The six Ukrainian-speaking victims had overheard their jailers talking about buying and selling boys and girls and getting paid directly by government officials in Kiev.

"Putin wanted Trump to know that, according to his calculations, there could be as many as 50,000 children imprisoned in Ukraine. He did not tell Trump how he came up with that number, and I have no idea. Putin said the traffickers may have left the children without food and water when the fighting began. The children could be trapped in hellholes," our source said.

"All roads lead back to Kiev," Putin is reported to have told Trump. "Zelenskyy or his subordinates know what is going on and may know where these children are. Most of them are Russians, and I have every right I know to provide for their protection. Zelenskyy has made his case more than once to dismantle biolabs and release the children now. But this dog feigns ignorance and tells lies while the world declares me crazy. Of all people, President Trump, you understand how important it is to protect children."

"Children are our greatest asset," Trump replied. "I do understand."

Meanwhile, Trump has verified the identity of two of the five American children rescued from the internment camp in central Ukraine and is working to reunite them with their families, our source said.

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