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Updated: Global Catholic Population Per Priest indications. Data and facts don't lie!


Many Catholics donate money to the churches because they thought that their donations will be use to help the poor. The statistic of Global Priest Population tells you the truth!

I calculated the Catholics Population per Priest in each country and then group them by range. Here are the findings:

  • Traditional caucasian countries such as Europe and America, the Priest density is very high, more than 80+% countries' priest density are less then1500 Catholics per Priest

  • 3.3% of African countries' priest density are less then 1500 Catholic per Priest. 68.4% or African countries' priest density are more than 4000 Catholic per Priest

  • 66% of Asia Pacific countries' priest density are less then 1500 Catholic per Priest. Some politicial sensitive Asian countries including China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Nepal, priest density are very high.

  • Why do we need a priest to serve only few hundreds Catholics? Why kinds of activities do these priests conduct in political sensitive countries such as China and Taiwan?

  • Traditional Catholic countries such as Philippine, Brazil and Mexico, the priest density are very low. There is only 9493 Filipino Catholics per priest. In fact, massive donations should be collected from these Catholic countries, but there are limited resources and priests to serve the Catholic society. Where do the donations go?

What is the rationale of the priest allocation and assignment from the Vatican? What are their main agenda? Are the Catholic Churches meant to disseminate Christianity, help the poor and weak peoples or are they meant to establish political influences in those sensitive countries?

Data and facts don't lie!

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