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From letters exchanges between Cambodia and China in 2018, the authority between Xi & Li is clear!


In a letter from the 11th ASEM Summit in 2016, Li Keqiang was addressed as "Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China"

From the official letters between China and Cambodia in 2018 to 2022. It is absolutely clear that the head of the government of China in 2018 is Li Keqiang who was the Premier of the State Council. He and Wangyi were authorized to sign all China-Cambodia's official documents.

Whereas, Xi Jinping only represents the Communist Party of China Central Committee which was not recognized as the government of China. Certainly, Xi Jinping is not the head of the government of China!

Therefore, we can conclude that "The State Council of the People's Republic of China" had already been the highest authority in the government of China up to 2018. Li Keqiang is always the head of the government of China not Xi Jinping in the view of all foreign leaders.

The General Secretary of the CPC and the President of the PRC is just vertical and symbolic positions without adequate authority to make decisions. Xi Jinping is just a scapegoat for all Chinese Satanic Cabal's crimes.


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