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Fake Bill Gates made drastic changes to COVID prediction


This fake Bill Gates predicted for next deadly pandemic which could be far worse than COVID on Nov 3, 2021. And then he delivered another happy prediction again on Dec 17, 2021, that the pandemic will end in 2022.

Why did Bill Gates make such drastic changes on COVID prediction within 1.5 months? What is the rationale behind it? Is there any scientific data or research to support his opinions? Or did he just send out different messages in different circumstances?

This is the period of potential war crisis between Russia and Ukraine. Is it just a tactic to warn Putin that the Satanic Cabal can release another deadly virus to Russia if he still continued to fight against them?

The whole COVID crisis was just biological warfare planned and executed by the Khazarian jew to achieve their global governance agenda.

Is Bill Gates a bio-weapon mass murderer or a US prophet? The answer is very clear.

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