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Facebook Worst Practices to control information dissemination


In addition to Facebook's irrational and political information policies and guidelines to restrict what people can say on Facebook. There are some worst practices to control information dissemination:

1. They deliberately insert posts and videos into other people's account

They can insert posts and videos under some famous people's accounts without their acknowledgment and approval. For example, they insert Xi Jinping's old video under the former HK Chief Executive Officer Leung Chun-ying's account during the Chinese New Year because they want to fool the public that Peng Liyuan is still the Chinese First Lady.

This trick was easily identified by the date-time stamp because the inserted video is always at the top of Leung Chun-ying's account.

This dirty trick is extremely horrible because they can put any words and videos into people's mouths. Since they only insert it during information dissemination, the account owners are unable to realize it.

They can use this trick to defame people.

This date-time stamp bug had been fixed after I revealed it. Now, Facebook can insert posts into other people's accounts


Besides, this practice proved that Peng Liyuan colluded with the Satanic Big Tech like Facebook and Youtube to fight against Xi Jinping.

2. They deleted my words during dissemination

Facebook can deliberately delete my words and comments during dissemination because they don't want people to read my comments. I always wrote arguments against the quote pictures. This practice can distort my meaning and convert me into a supporter of the quotes.

3. They delete the videos at the backend

Facebook can delete my posted videos at the backend so that error messages appeared when I tried to retrieve or delete the video.

4. They replaced and reversed the content after I provided a comment against the post

I had provided negative and offensive comments against Peng Liyuan's airs and graces picture before. They deliberately replaced the content with a video of a patriot who was giving a great speech. Then, they disseminated my offensive comments with the replaced patriotic content to the public.

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